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WHO AM I: Business Development Contractor / Author "Nothing Happens Until The Meeting Is Set" / Patent Awardee for Cosmo Glove / Entrepreneur / 26 Years of Connecting People, Businesses and Products. OVER 25,000 ARRANGED MEETINGS to date. Founder of The BAM Network

WHAT I DO: Help Businesses arrange Sales Prospect Meetings and with People of Influence.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: John McKee is a man to get to know and follow. He is a master net-worker and entrepreneur. I want to give him a big shout out because he introduced Ken Shamrock and me to a key influencer who is also in his #THEBAMNETWORK which is a platform for anyone to buy a meeting with a celebrity/influencer. Look into doing this. How else can you get on a phone with a celebrity?
You should friend/follow John-- especially if you are a prominent influencer or celebrity. Des W Woodruff Founder Grok Trade and Business Partner with Ken Shamrock

I've had a variety of professional relationships with John McKee over the past decade. I've hired John as a business consultant & as a sales contractor. John is hands-down one of the most effective sales professionals I've ever worked with as well as one of the most knowledgeable businessman I've met during my entrepreneurial career. I look forward to continuing our work with John for years to come and I recommend John's skills & services to others as well. -Fred worked with John at OICGroup Inc. a Prairie Tech Member.

John McKee is the Founder/Inventor at Finger Guard an amazing product used by hair stylists and the culinary world. Shark Finds/ with Kevin Harrington, featured the Cosmo Finger Guard on our DRTV campaign, highlighting John's genius! He's taken a concept through to distribution and is a marketing master on brand building, creating product awareness & consumer demand! Great work! Lisa was a consultant or contractor to John at Finger Guard LLC dba Cosmo Finger Guard

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