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Gianna Miceli grew up on the south side of Chicago and has lived in Las Vegas, NYC, Miami, & LA, and has been in the beauty business for over 20 years.

Her clients were the beautiful women on Fox Business, the Broadway stage, and even Britney Spears on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Gianna is a woman on a mission to blow the lid off the inept and incompetent protocol that doctors and trainers prescribe to women over 40 desperate to lose their stubborn belly fat!

This is what her book will tell you:
1. The 10 reasons you're struggling to lose weight over 40.
2. The fraud of medially treated menopause and how it's related to other chronic illness, and how to avoid that.
3. How she came to uncover this information in my quest to reclaim my life after an almost instant 40 pound weight gain at age 41, and the four years of lies that came after from doctors, trainers, & nutritionists.

They're not addressing the root cause.

Gianna wants to squash your chronic inflammation that leads to thyroid disorders, autoimmune disease, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more.

Doctors are all too ready to grab their prescription pads just for a woman complaining about weight gain and lack of sleep. Boom!!! Syntrhoid to the rescue!!

Gianna reveals the WHY and then HOW to care for your over 40 body when it's not running smoothly.

Hint: It's your hormones!

Very few doctors are ever going to address the real core and cause of the problem.

Gianna wants YOU off meds and thriving instead of just surviving and has a program that will walk you through it in 30 days or your money back!

With simple changes to their daily menu, Gianna teaches the ten reasons American women are struggling to lose weight that doctors will never tell you, and the fraud of the medical menopause protocol.

Every woman should read this book to prepare her menopause plan!

Her 30 day food & hormone reboot program will guide you to the right way to eat for your over 40 hormonal health that is easy, delicious, and more food than you've probably ever eaten in your life.

Eat more & weigh less. This is a no brainer.