Meet Dr. Susan Berry Brill de Ramírez College Success Expert, Educator, Speaker & Author

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Dr. Susan Berry Brill de Ramírez, Caterpillar Inc. Professor of English at Bradley University, has a doctorate in English, an M.B.A. in Management and Human Resources, prior work in management consulting, and a post-graduate certificate in higher education administration (with additional attention to minority and gender issues in higher education). Recently servicing as the founding Executive Director for Title IX Compliance at Bradley University, she is not stepping into the elected leadership role as the Coordinator of the English Graduate Programs at Bradley.

With experience at diverse institutions, Professor Brill de Ramírez is distinctly familiar with the challenges and needs of students at the full range of colleges and universities, including: community colleges, liberal arts colleges, private regional universities, large state universities, and distinguished private research universities. A college success expert, she brings her prior work in management consulting and her M.B.A. in management and human resource development for the effective and strategic development of students at both secondary and university levels.

Deeply committed to each student’s capacity to learn and succeed at the highest of levels, she has served as:

  • a national Councilor for the Arts & Humanities with the Council for Undergraduate Research,
  • a member of the PMLA Advisory Committee for the Modern Language Association,
  • a series Book Editor for Lexington Books and the Book Review Editor for the CUR Quarterly,
  • newly elected Coordinator for the English Graduate Programs at Bradley University.

An innovator in teaching, Brill de Ramírez brings extensive experience in the areas of

  • student success (middle school, secondary, and college levels),
  • college success,
  • career planning, 
  • service-learning,
  • online learning,
  • experiential learning,
  • undergraduate research,
  • and co-curricular involvement.

Brill de Ramírez's comprehensive background in management and human resource development combined with extensive higher education experience provides her with the expertise and knowledge to help any student with college success and career preparation, any school with student success, and any organization with workforce development.

The changing needs of today's and tomorrow's workplace demand that students and employees be well prepared. Make College Work for You is the text that will help all students at any points in their careers.

A few additional highlights about Dr. Brill de Ramírez:

Personal: Professor Brill de Ramírez has been actively involved in literacy work in her home community, environmental restoration efforts in the Peoria region, and global education outreach for students in developing countries. She is an active mentor with Junior Achievement, the Goodwill Industries’ Good Guides student mentoring program, keynote student success speaker for middle school, high school, and college students, teachers, and counselors. See more at:

Literary Studies: A widely published scholar, in her literary studies, Professor Brill de Ramírez is currently exploring the ways that language facilitates connections among diverse peoples, cultures, and nations. Utilizing the methodologies of Native American, folklore, and ecocriticism studies, she is researching the language and grammar of placefulness and “geographies of belonging” in transformative literary poetics and narrative. She has published many books, including those focusing on student success and also Native American literature.