Meet Des W Woodruff Businessman | Visionary | Entrepreneur

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Des W Woodruff is an active entrepreneur best known for pioneering online ventures well ahead of the demand curve. Des is a recognized authority at online sales strategies and online business development with strengths in strategic automation's.

Des is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with several noteworthy visionary accomplishments. To start, Des was a first-to-market pioneer who created a company and website to facilitate online vehicle sales. Next, Des created (what is assumed to be) the very first B2B online mortgage processing company. Furthermore, Des was the first-ever stock trader to produce daily stock trading videos for world consumption and today is widely known for his market analysis.

The unique ability to calculate future market demand and push forward with strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities is what Des does well.

Des is the owner of Bout Management, LLC and works closely with Ken Shamrock, a worldwide recognized MMA fighter who is an inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame. Also, Des is an owner of the world's largest amateur MMA league- Fighter's Source, LLC.

Furthermore, Des serves as the President and Founder of, Inc. (FTV) dba Grok Trade. He created this education company out of a desire to equip traders with the necessary skill sets to thrive in the live market whether it is in their retirement and/or cash accounts.

Des has mentored nearly 1000 traders via his own company and other brands such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) where Des served as a Stock Mentor.

Des' popular trading ideas have been published in various national publications.