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Aggi Hall is a Roofing Expert with over 5 years of roofing experience.  Her start in roofing sales and marketing has created multiple positions for her talent in the Blue Collar industry.  With experience in residential & commercial roofing, Retail and storm claim sales, hundreds of roof inspections to gain field experience & a list of customer referrals.  Aggi is one Roofing Influencer that is making waves in the Blue Collar industry & earns The Godmother Of Roofing title.  Check out what branding and becoming a brand can do for your company & customers.

Aggi Hall is a roofing influencer, also known as The Godmother Of Roofing.  Aggi has expanded her expertise to be a spokesperson for a few roofing vendors such as Bully Bag Tool Company, Prime Line Tools, Acculynx, JobNimbus, Roof Shield & Company Cam to name a few.  If you are looking for a female spokesperson who has been branded in the Roofing and Blue Collar Industry for years.  Aggi is available for hire to deliver your company or product message with branding, purpose and sales driven results.  Message us directly to get a consultation with Aggi.

If generating market presence, setting appointments by working an expo is what you're needing.  Aggi is an Expo Specialist available for hire. She will help you with a story, hook and offer campaign to maximize exposure at an expo. With less than 7 seconds to turn an expo spectator into a prospect, Aggi can show you how to quickly and effectively develop a relationship and rapport that will generate a prospect and a lead.  Message us directly to get a consultation with Aggi.

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