Why You Need a Key Influencer Even If You Have To Pay For One.

Why You Need a Key Influencer Even If You Have To Pay For One.

From my own personal experience having a Key Influencer is a game changer, even if you have to pay to make the acquaintance. Key People of Influence have spent a lifetime becoming great at what they do.  Their time is extremely limited and valuable. They have earned the right to charge for their time and advice. This is an opportunity to learn which is no different than paying for a college class, workshop or a seminar. Only this is even better, because you get a dedicated one to one session.

If you can match your career or business startup with someone who has done the same thing or similar and has been successful then you will benefit greatly. This is why you happily pay to go to college right? There is no doubt this is key to your success in today’s society. You read about it everywhere including having a social media influencer as well.

In my case I wanted to elevate my new product by association with a key person. I had an opportunity to pay to go to an Innovators Think Tank and meet the Original Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. I had no problem paying for round trip airfare, hotel and for the opportunity to meet. In my mind you just don’t get these opportunities by sitting around. You have to make it happen for yourself. I knew I would get one to one face time with Mr. Harrington and I could ask whatever I wanted without interruption. It also gave me the opportunity to ask for references to other people he knew in the industry which I would have never had the chance otherwise.

Now I have the credibility, the reference and the knowledge from his experience. And to top it all off he even gave me tips on how to elevate my own profile. So this was added value to the meeting. I later put my product on TV with Mr. Harrington and took advantage of the advice and wrote my first book. So you can see just from this one experience how it paid for me to meet with him.

I would not be on the track I am on if I did not take action, seize the opportunity and meet with a key person of influence. There was a fork in the road and I took the high road. I recommend you do the same. Your life will change because of it. Learn from the best and someday you will have the same opportunity to give your time and advice as a paid influencer. Don’t regret missing your opportunities to grow.

John McKee

Twitter: @JohnMcKee453