How To Meet an Industry Expert?

How To Meet an Industry Expert?

I’ve been focusing on my profile for many years, but I started to level up in the last 12 months. Like many other Entrepreneurs I follow Key People of Influence and Industry Experts to learn everything I can.

During their social media Live Streams I see a lot of the followers and fans leaving comments asking “How Can I Meet You”, “Do You Offer Consulting Time?”, “Are You Available for Mentoring Session?”, “Can You Help Me With My Business?”, “How Did You Do XYZ?” etc.

You can buy their books, study their materials. This does work. And this is one way of learning from them.  You can attend a workshop or seminar. You may have to wait for them to come around to a convenient location and time. They are all great alternatives. But what are other options?

Most of the experts have their way of giving back and do everything they can. They offer video blogs, live streaming, downloads and more. You can learn a lot from the sessions and best of all they are usually FREE. Most of the live streams are general overviews and high lights of how to do certain aspects of running a business.

The Key Influencers are definitely limited in time because they still have businesses to run. What if you wanted to meet with them? How would you go about it? You can contact them directly on social media or their website and try to offer some type of value in return for meeting them. Maybe you have a mutual connection and can ask for a referral. These are great solutions. However paying them will usually get their attention.

I started thinking about the time I was able to meet a Key Influencer. The paid meeting opportunity turned out to be the best investment of my life. In fact the direct advice I received helped me put my product on TV. It also gave me the direction I needed to write a book and who to contact. For me personally, I do not think watching or listening to a video or reading an Instagram post would have led me to my actions. They defiantly motivate me and I do have their books. But it was the direct interaction of the mentor session that led to my results.

I believe face to face time covering a specific issue or topic is a key ingredient. This is a real mentor session. The option for Startup’s, Entrepreneurs and Businesses to pay for an arranged meeting with them makes sense, I’ve done it.

So I decided to take it upon myself to ask some of them to participate in offering meeting time via a centralized website and some are saying yes! Now we have a beta website that offers options to meet with experts. Meetings are available in 30 or 60 minute sessions, Face to Face, Phone or a Skype call. It is as easy as that. It’s on demand, point and click saves you time. Plus you get to meet or talk with one of your favorite influencer and get the business coaching you really need. It’s definitely an investment in yourself and your business. And who knows where the relationship will go from there.

The groups experience almost covers every aspect of a startup. We will see more niche industry experts in the near future. Today we have a TV Shark, Mogul, Visionary, Businessman, Expert Publisher, Crowdunding Expert, Product Development Expert, TV, Radio and PodCast Experts, Startup Experts, Founders of Fortune 500 Companies, AsSeenOnTV and Digital Media Experts, Business Development Experts, Sports Legend and Real Estate Gurus.

There is nothing wrong with all the other ways to make the connection; we just wanted to make it a lot easier for you. Now you can point and click and arrange the meeting. If you are an expert in your field we would like to talk with you as well. We will announce additional experts in Professional Speaking, Street Philosophers, Magazine Contributors and more very soon. If there is an area of expertise we are not currently covering or a specific contributor you follow we do not have please contact us. We want to hear from you.


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 John McKee

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